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 CTDLC's iTunes Statewide Initiative
CTDLC's statewide contract allows CT's colleges and universities to access Apple's iTunes U. ITunes U is a free hosted service from Apple that offers easy access to educational content and multimedia objects like podcasts, any time, day or night. Institutions can use this repository to support both their recruitment and mobile learning needs.

How to Get Started:

  • Institutions should apply to iTunes U at: http://www.apple.com/itunesu/apply. In order to ensure success of an iTunes U site, it is critical for the applicant to understand their environment and how they would utilize a service like iTunes U before filling out this application. If you need help with this planning, please contact Carolyn Caggiano at the CTDLC to set up a consultation.
  • Consider engaging with CTDLC for strategic consulting for site architecture, best practices implementation, and design.
  • Consider joining other institutions in CTDLC's iTunes U Collaboration.
  • Consider using CTDLC's Mac-based sandbox environment
  • Consider signing up for a Train the Trainer and other training opportunities in the new Mac Lab at CTDLC
To get your institution started, call or email Carolyn Caggiano, ccaggiano@ctdlc.org, 860-515-3717.

iTunes U Support Documents and websites

CTDLC's iTunes U Site is now "Live"

  • Getting Started with iTunes
    James G. Lengel, Assistant Professor of Communication, Boston University
  • Deploying Podcasting and iTunes U at Fairfield University
    Jay Rozgonyi, Assistant Director, Computing & Network Services, Fairfield University
  • Using Podcasting for Branding and Marketing of your Institution
    Richard David, Director of Public Affairs, Broom Community College
    Jesse Wells, Director of Electronic Communications, Broom Community College
    Jillian Reid, Assistant Publications Director, Broom Community College
  • Click here to visit CTDLC iTunes U
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