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 Remote Management
For institutions that have the necessary staff and resources to support the infrastructure needs of a learning system, but lack the resources to support the application, our Remote Management service can help. Our LMS team partners with your local IT professionals to provide seamless support around the learning technology.

Our LMS team will work collaboratively with local IT to implement best practices around the installation and configuration of the learning technology. Once installed, our LMS team will take care of the day-to-day maintenance of the application while partnering with local IT about operating system, hardware, and infrastructure maintenance. We will also partner with your existing help desk/call center in troubleshooting issues specific to the application.

As new software versions and upgrades become available, our LMS team will test and review the stability of these releases and consult with you on the possible impact they will have on your production system. Our LMS team will also be available to assess the impact of any institutional initiatives on the production learning system.

What your remote management arrangement provides

These are some core services that we provide to all of our solutions:
  • Selection, implementation, installation, & configuration Services
  • SIS integration services
  • Daily maintenance services
  • Quarterly on-site meetings
For more information, please contact Cathy Bergren.
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