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We are dedicated to creating excellent distance learning courses. Your responses to the following questions will help us improve our course design, our instruction, and the type of services we are able to offer our online students.

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TO START: Please select the current semester. Then select the institution where you took the course. Use the drop down menu to select the name of the course (only courses taught during the semester at the institution you indicated will show up). Your instructor should fill in automatically. If it does not do so, please add the correct name. Please make sure the course and instructor are the correct ones. If you do not complete this section, when you click on "submit," you will get a message that the information is incomplete and you will need to re-enter all the data on the form.

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Please respond to the following statements by selecting the choice that corresponds to your experience in the online course. Please indicate your level of agreement with each of these statements:

Please think about your participation in the class and your online experience:  
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23. Were you satisfied with

24. What could be done to improve this course?
25. What could be done to improve online services?

Thanks you for your help in completing this survey.

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